Senior Management & Administration

Business Owner –Mark Sandor

Mark has been involved in the Electrical, Security & automation industry since 1989. He has over 25 years service within the electrical, electronics industry and has extensive experience in building automation, access control, security, CCTV, IP based CCTV systems, support services and maintenance.


He has worked in all facets of the business, from installation, maintenance and commissioning, sales, project management, business development, service delivery and performance management.


Mark will develop technical support & service as a core competency in the company and recognises the importance of delivering a quality service to the customer to protect their assets.

Administration – Joy Bodzioch

Joy has the responsibility of providing the day to day branch administration and operations support for Sabre Security. She has been involved in the Industry in South Australia for many years and has experience involved with the installation & service of both domestic and commercial.

Technical Support Personnel

The following staff will play an integral part in the delivery of service to the clients systems and electronic solutions:

Senior Technical Support – Mark Sandor

Mark has over 25 years experience in electrical engineering, with a strong local knowledge of the security industry.


He has extensive knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems including NT Server & SQL that will prove invaluable in the delivery & support of the Councils security network.


Mark will be providing technical support to the current security systems that are already in place, and will be actively involved providing sales support to the client to ensure that all your system requirements are addressed.